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Montana Real Estate continuing education courses

Montana Real Estate continuing education courses

Montana Real Estate Board of Regulation requires Each new salesperson license is required to complete the new licensee mandatory continuing education requirement, commonly known as the 12-hour Rookie Course, by the first renewal date following their original license issue date. Each active licensee is required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing real estate education every licensing year. The licensing year is from November 1 through October 31.

Choose Your Industry CE Courses in Montana


There are some Montana real estate continuing education courses that are mandatory in order for an agent or broker to renew their real estate licenses as well as remain compliant with real estate laws in Montana. But then there are additional courses that are really good for enhancing your professional reach within the real estate industry. Those courses, while not critical to your standing with the Montana Real Estate Board, are essential if you plan to establish yourself as a dedicated real estate professional that is dependable, resourceful and knowledgeable. Not only do your customers depend on your ability to get the job done, they also expect you to be able to help them navigate the selling or buying process smoothly and stress free.
Real estate agents earn a great income assisting property owners with the sale their homes and helping families buy one. If your talents or passions gravitate you toward one direction over the other, than obtaining the designation of specialty as a buyers agent or a listing agent is very beneficial. The specialization indicates that you are an expert at getting properties sold or finding the right house for buyers.
In either case, taking the continuing education course that would issue that accreditation upon completion is one way real estate agents can expand their professional reach. Learning property management organization, how to work with investors and land development are all additional course topics that will increase your knowledge about various niches within the real estate sector.
Brokers, on the other hand, face different sets of challenges that can be solved by taking real estate education courses. As brokers, instead of handling the sale of properties, their task is to manage a brokerage, monitor the agents and oversee the transactions. In order to provide the best services, brokers must identify the services that enhance the customer service experience in order to compete against other firms.

Montana real estate continuing education courses online

One way that brokers can expand their effectiveness in their local marketplace is to take Montana real estate continuing education courses that deal with issues such as real estate trust accounts, affordable housing opportunities and mortgage financing. These types of class will provide the education needed in order to establish a firm that offers detailed expertise that covers every aspect of the real estate buying or selling process from start to finish.
Another way brokers can enhance the quality of the brokerages services is by obtaining commercial Montana real estate continuing education courses. Most real estate transactions occur within the residential sector of real estate, but the most expensive real estate projects involves investors and commercial properties. That is why understanding how to assemble the transactions, how to asses commercial property, commercial contract law and commercial financing education will enhance your services portfolio. It will also help your firm to capture some of the business that will put the total sales count into the next tax bracket.
By employing these Montana real estate continuing education courses, not only will you remain compliant with Montana education requirements, but you will also increase the number of services you can offer, become an specialist in areas that increase your income, and be attract more customers. Instead of relying on only buyers to make a home selection, now you can complete inspections, build an inventory of listings, and motivate your team as a broker to increase their production levels. Your real estate business will become well rounded as you build your name into a brand. What better way is there to build a strong brand than to provide an array of services to your customers.

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