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Illinois Real Estate CE Courses

Illinois Real Estate CE Courses

The Illinois Division of Real Estate (DRE) calls for Brokers to finish 12 hrs of continuing education every even numbered year. Managing Brokers should finish 24 Hours every odd numbered year.

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The Illinois Division of Real Estate (DRE), has specific standards for our professional Real Estate Brokers to meet. Brokers are required to complete a full 12 hours of continuing education for every even-numbered year, while Managing Brokers are asked to finish 24 hours every odd-numbered year. Property management professionals in Illinois have both Real Estate and Appraisal options available to fill their continuing educational needs.

Teaming up with Career WebSchool provides us with a unique opportunity to offer you a set of quality online Real Estate courses that meet state-approved requirements. Study on your schedule without the hassles of going to class. Meet your Illinois real estate continuing education online requirements anywhere, anytime. Select a category and get started today.

Career WebSchool’s mission is to enable students in achieving their goal of obtaining success with their Illinois real estate trainee and appraisal license exams on the first try. Take advantage of the mastery and fluency education methodology and meet or exceed your educational goals.

Qualifying – Several self-paced AQB-Approved courses with 25 years of success behind us. A source for your appraisal education that you can trust. We cover Basic Appraisal Principles, Procedures, Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches with upgraded license level packages and much more.

Exam Prep – Put your appraisal knowledge to the test, show confidence, and understanding. With Basic Appraisal Procedures, Report Writing & URAR Exam Prep courses. Or get “The Works” package and prepare for everything you would possibly need to know about real estate appraisal.

Continuing Education – Get convenient access to affordable online courses that include Residential Appraiser Site Valuation, Market Analysis, Case Studies, Report Writing, 7-hour Equivalent USPAP courses, URAR form review, Cost Approach, and Sales Comparison.

Make your selection and begin your Illinois real estate continuing education off on the right foot by selecting one of our reasonably priced online courses today.

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