Georgia Real Estate CE Courses

Georgia Real Estate CE Courses

Georgia Real Estate Commission requires All individuals who hold an active real estate license and whose license number is above 100,000 are required to complete 36 hours of Commission approved continuing education during each four (4) year renewal period, including 3 hours on the topic of License Law. If your license number is less than 100,000 you are not required to complete real estate continuing education Ga for renewal.

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As a busy real estate professional you have a million things to do during the course of any given day, and your time is limited. When it comes to meeting the requirements mandated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission for real estate professionals who have a license number greater than 100,000, you may find it difficult or even inconvenient to take days off to sit in a series of onsite workshops to satisfy the 36 hours of Commission approved credits you need every four years. offers a wide range of programs to help you meet the necessary requirements to renew your license, and affords you the opportunity to do so on your terms.

Accessible and Reputable works in collaboration with Career WebSchool, One of Georgia approved real estate schools, to bring real estate professionals in the state of Georgia a series of Ga real estate ce online courses that are state approved. Since 1989 Career WebSchool has been leading the charge in terms of offering the most effective real estate courses online. You have the freedom to study anytime no matter where you are because courses are User-friendly, and can be accessed via tablet as well as on a laptop or desktop computer.

Purchase Options Based on Your NeedsYou have the option of being able to purchase your courses in complete packages, or you may purchase individual course modules. You can satisfy all of the requirements needed during the four-year renewal period with just one of the Georgia 36-hour packages that are available. The packages are reasonably priced at $145, and there is no exam that needs to be taken to complete the curriculum. The packages offered include:• Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package: Commercial Real Estate Topics• Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package: Mastering Your Career• Georgia 35-Hour Complete CE Package: Real Estate Valuation Topics• Georgia 36_Hour Complete CE Package: Green Topics
Individual courses offered provide participants with three, six or nine credit hours upon completion, and range in price from $19 to $49 per course. Some of the individual course offerings include, but are not limited to:• ADA and Fair Housing• Writing Contracts• Green Home Construction• Understanding Closing Statements• Commercial Leases• Property Valuation: Income Capitalization Overview• Ethics in Real Estate

Minimal Investment of Time and Unique Formatting Each course contains individual lessons, which can be completed in 20-30 minutes. The lessons are formatted to contain multiple choice questions mixed in with text. The online software monitors your progress and at the end of the lesson, takes you back to any questions or practice areas you had issues with. If you are unable to complete a lesson in one sitting, you have the option of bookmarking where you are, and the work that you have completed will be saved and ready for you to resume when you are ready. All courses can be accessed upon the completion of the registration process.

Georgia Real Estate CE Courses, Continuing Education Courses for Georgia Real Estate

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