Connecticut real estate continuing education courses

Connecticut real estate continuing education courses

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection requirments:

Am I required to complete CE? What if I am a reciprocal license holder? What if I am a referral only agent? 
All license holders must complete CE prior to every even-year renewal. You are only exempt if you PASSED A LICENSING EXAM during the CE period. The CE completion for 2016 renewal is 6/1/2014-5/31/2016 for salespersons and 4/1/2014-3/31/2016 for brokers.If you have an active license in another state AND complete FULL CE for that state, then you may use that in lieu of completing additional CE. However, if you are exempt from ANY PORTION of the state’s CE, then you must complete Connecticut’s full CE. You may be asked to provide evidence of licensure and CE certificates for the other state.All license holders must complete CE. Choosing to only utilize your license for referrals does NOT exempt you from Connecticut CE requirements.

Choose Your Industry CE Courses in Connecticut


Connecticut real estate continuing education courses in person or online does not change the quality of the education you receive. In fact, the selection is more a matter of personal preferences and accommodations. Each option offers its own benefits and drawbacks. While some people may enjoy the convenience of an online education others may value the commentary provided by an instructor in a classroom environment. In either case, the education is both valuable and beneficial, just delivered in a different way.
Taking Connecticut real estate continuing education courses in person is a great way to get instructor-led information that you can absorb in multiple ways. You get the lecture as the first method of receiving the information. Then, when you review your notes and text resources, that allows you to process the information for the second time. By the time you get to the end of the class, you will have retained the information quite well, or at least he basic concepts. This will make if much more easier for you to be prepare for the licensing exam, As you will have reviewed the information at least three times before taking the test by default.
Also, instructors are real world professionals who not only have experience in the field they are teaching in, but they are aware of the material that is on the exam. This allows them to put emphasis and call special attention to the items that causes people to fail the test most often. This give you a competitive edge when studying the materials for the exam, as you know what to expect and how to best prepare for the potential questions that will be asked.
In person Connecticut real estate continuing education courses also allow you to meet other agents or brokers who have similar interests. You can use this network to exchange referrals, meet other professional who are apart of exclusive circles or compliments each others businesses. In any case, by obtaining the education and building connections with the people who obtain similar or complimentary accreditations, you widen your networking base to ensure that even when you cannot personally deliver a particular service or piece of information to your clients, that you always have a business associate whom you trust to lean on, and vice versa.
Taking Connecticut real estate continuing education courses online is also a viable and effective method to obtain your education and meet regulatory requirements. Taking an online class allows you to study at the pace that works best for you. Sometimes people need to review a section or concept several times before they grasp it in its entirety. A person who needs to study in a repetitious manner may find that the classroom environment moves too quickly for them to be able to absorb the information accurately. Having an online course will allow you to review any concept for as long as you need without holding anyone else in their studies. The same is true for people who may already know the information, but must take the class in order to satisfy the educational requirements. A person in this situation would benefit from having the online course because they can effortlessly review the information with outs having to restructure their schedule in order to accommodate the time for the classes.
Connecticut real estate continuing education courses online also offer flexibility. Taking an online course means that you can log onto your computer when it is convenient for you in order to accumulate your credit hours. That means the studies can be spread out throughout the day, or completed in a compressed amount of time. The flexibility offered by online courses does not extend only to time, but it also allows you to complete your studies at school, on a lunch break at a restaurant, or late at night. The courses can be completed on a computer, whether it be a desktop or mobile, which allows you to be in any location at any time in order to complete your studies. This is very convenient for those who already have a full-time job or who are traveling on vacation during the course period.
While it does not matter whether you take your Connecticut real estate continuing education course online or in person, it is important to consider which option would improve your chances for completing the course. For some people, having a structured classroom schedule works best. For others, the flexibility offered by online courses is the most efficient way of obtaining the required education. Regardless, making the right selection will not only increase your chances of completion, but will empower you to gain the most from the experience since the learning method chosen accommodates how you learn.

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