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Alaska Real Estate CE Courses

The Alaska Real Estate Commission – All Real Estate Licenses expire on January 31 of even-numbered years regardless of when first issued, except new licenses issued within 90 days of the expiration date will be issued to the next biennium.

Licensees who receive their original license within 12 months of the expiration date pay the full license fee and then at their first renewal pay a prorated renewal fee (half of the current license fee).

You must renew your license on or before the expiration date to continue practice in Alaska. There is no grace period to practice on a lapsed license. Renewal forms will be mailed at least 60 days before the expiration date to the last address you provided to the board. You must report all new addresses to the Board in writing.

Before a license can be renewed, real estate licensees must complete the following for maintaining continuing competency (Article 8 of 12 AAC).

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