Colorado Real Estate CE Courses

Colorado Real Estate CE Courses

The Colorado Department of Real Estate calls for accredited brokers to finish the four-hour Annual Compensation Update every year of the three-year cycle (twelve hours per cycle), plus twelve hrs of electives for a total amount of twenty-four hrs of CE throughout your renewal cycle. We offer a full selection of low-cost Colorado property education and learning packages to choose from.

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Real Estate Broker Continuing Education

For each three-year license cycle, all active real estate brokers must complete 24 hours of continuing education.

Three-Year License Cycle Continuing Education Requirements:

  • Twelve (12) of the 24 hours must be comprised of three (3) different versions of the four hour (4) Annual Commission Update Course.
  • The remaining twelve (12) hours can be any combination of elective credit hours approved by the Commission.
  • You must retain proof of completion of continuing education courses for a minimum of four years and provide proof of completion upon the Commission’s request.

Inactive License Continuing Education Requirements

If your license has been inactive for longer than three (3) years/36 months, you MUST complete either:

  • The State portion of the Colorado Broker’s Exam, or
  • 48 Hours in Colorado Contracts & Regulations and 24 hours in Real Estate Closings (for a total of 72 hours).

Every real estate professional in Colorado realizes that they have to take Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education courses or the colorado broker reactivation course to renew their license. In fact, the broker must take at least 24 hours of continuing education to keep their license active. Those that continually improve their knowledge and skills will discover that new doors of opportunity open up for them. Furthermore, it is necessary for the real estate professional to continually upgrade their knowledge to stay competitive in the highly competitive real estate world. The first step to success for the real estate professional in Colorado is to take Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education Online courses.

Advantages & Benefits to Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education Online Courses for the annual commission update course Colorado.
Certainly, there are multiple advantages and benefits associated with taking the courses. The real estate professional keeps up to date with modern laws, rules, regulation along with the latest technologies. Furthermore, the real estate professional with increased knowledge is definitely the one that is considered first for new job openings or promotions within their present firm.

Why Online Courses Are Better
The typical real estate professional spends a great part of their time working and they might find it difficult to fit the courses into their normal schedule. However, online continual education courses are a good match for the busy professional. They are able to take the courses in the comfort of their home or at the office. They are able to take the course at their own pace. For example, some might like to rush through the courses and earn credit. Others might wish to extend their learning over a longer period. Certainly, online courses allow flexibility. This is a very attractive feature of taking Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education Online courses.

Today, continuing education courses are mandatory in real estate and other industries. Continuing education is a way for the professional to stay current and reach their professional goals.

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