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Your Donations Provide Single Mother Children with a Future

A part of every enrollment goes towards the education of impoverished families

At AllCeSource we strive to provide the benefits of education not only to our U.S based customers but also those in need in impoverished nations. One of the major struggles in developing nations is completing formal education that Americans often take for granted. Due to lack of resources families are unable to provide their children with the funding necessary to complete their education and furthermore those children enter the work force early earning barely livable wages to support their families. This becomes a vicious cycle as generations continue.

Here’s a graph comprised of statistics showing the school drop out rates of children and young adults in developing nations.

The shocking data shows a vast majority of students dropping out at grade 2 and again at grade 7 leaving a concerning portion of the population incapable of finding regular work.

Our donation program doesn’t affect the price of your enrollment, we take a portion of the profit and put it towards the program. For students wanting to contribute more to help impoverished families have a better future we provide an option to donate an amount of your choosing. You can donate by following the button below.